February 6, 2020

VP National Security Operations


One of North America’s largest owners, operators and developers of best-in-class real estate.

Founded over 60 years ago, our client has interests in “trophy” office and retail properties across North America and in other select international markets.


The incumbent had been in the VP role for over 4 years and with the company for 12 years.  He was well known and respected in the physical and corporate security space so the bar was very high.  We had a condensed window to find a replacement as the incumbent was set to retire within three months.  Although the responsibilities were national in scope, the hiring manager wished to open up the search to international candidates who would be willing to relocate to Toronto.


The company and portfolio were a strong draw.  The main challenge was attracting someone to Toronto to focus on a Canadian-centric portfolio where many local and international candidates had global mandates.

Our Process:

We identified and targeted candidates who had the requisite physical security experience with another commercial real estate or operating company with multiple locations.  This was a global search and the consultant team spoke with candidates in Canada, US, Europe and Asia.  We also leveraged our network of commercial real estate contacts to source for relevant candidates.


Having spent enough time upfront with the client, we were able to quickly identify target candidates in several geographies.  Leveraging our contacts and technology, we were successful in identifying a candidate in the U.S. who was ready for a change and open to relocating to Toronto.  Although technology was certainly helpful, the consultants spent considerable time calling into the market.  This successful placement had the required corporate experience in addition to a law enforcement and legal background.  The bonus was that he was a dual citizen and did not require a work permit.

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