May 28, 2020

Consumer Products Company in the Beauty Industry


A leading consumer products company in the beauty industry, founded 25 years ago, who was recently acquired by a U.S. private equity firm.


The Head of Supply Chain and operations was planning to retire from the company after 20 years of service and the new President needed to hire a seasoned individual to replace him.  The company was growing quickly, both organically and through acquisitions, so they needed someone who could work in a very fast-paced environment.  Experience in the CPG space was not mandatory but they did need someone who has worked with contract manufacturing.


The brand and private equity sponsorship was a solid draw.  Since manufacturing was outsourced, the size of the company (revenue and headcount) was much smaller than what many candidates had anticipated.  The company was also working on a new long-term incentive plan (to be implemented at a future date) so it did limit the number of candidates who would move over on a promise.

Our Process:

We identified individuals in both the contract manufacturing space and industries that required manufacturing (e.g. CPG, household items, auto parts, etc.).  We had some of these candidates in our database however the search required a considerable amount of new research.


After meeting with over a dozen candidates, our client selected an individual who had recently been displaced from a diversified fintech company who had previous CPG experience.  The successful candidate also happened to be consulting for the past several months with another leading beauty products company in the U.S.

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