The following are some questions that prospective clients ask us:

  1. Technology and a content-rich database of Executive Talent has enabled us to have access to the same talent.
  2. We take on less assignments at any given time to provide greater focus and service; often more responsive than larger firms.
  3. People are naturally curious so our phone calls get returned.
  4. The partner who you met at the outset is driving the search, both strategically and tactically.
  5. As a Boutique and entrepreneurial firm, we can be more agile to suit the specific clients’ needs, urgency, and unique bespoke requirements. In today’s business world, you need to be innovative, adaptive and resilient. This is our key mantra.
The Partner will lead the search and remain the main point of contact. He/she will be involved in the research phase, active outreach and will interview every candidate before presenting them to our client.

No. We have successfully completed searches across Canada and the US. To further enhance our reach, we have partnered with a like-minded firm in the US, based out of Chicago, Randall Partners.

We work on a retained basis. Although we are flexible on our payment terms, the retained model ensures one firm is representing the company which is providing consistent messaging about the opportunity and a more thorough coverage of the market to develop the strongest short-list.
The first phase of our Kick-off Meeting is spent focusing on the Hiring Organization’s Culture, and we dig deep into questions that ensure fit in each candidate who we present. We don’t stop after we tick the boxes on requirements, we place equal importance on confirming that the candidate will become an ambassador of culture and leadership.
We exceed our clients’ expectations on fit, delivery and urgency. Candidates who we place become our future clients, as a result of our impeccable communications and candidate experience. Referrals have been the mainstay of our organic growth at Lakeshore.
Our partner who has sat across the table as a client, has made Executive Recruitment decisions that reflect the CEO and Board’s vision, and intrinsically knows how to dig deep during the interview process to insightfully determine fit, in the early stages.