Our search process has been time-tested with the completion of hundreds of assignments. Each search adheres to our core principles – timely research focus, thorough vetting, a guarantee of a senior point of contact – while providing a level of customization and flexibility to ensure your unique needs are met.

A successful search requires a comprehensive and clear understanding of your corporate culture and the specific type of candidate you require. We spend the necessary time upfront speaking to as many stakeholders as possible in order to refine the position profile and target companies.

In collaboration with our client, we develop a target group of companies and create a list of executives who currently and previously have worked with these organizations. We utilize a four step approach to our research: “cold research”, social media (e.g. LinkedIn), sourcing and our database.

Our team of search consultants, always including the Partner in charge of the assignment, will actively reach out to prospective candidates and sources through telephone calls, email and social media. We provide our clients with regular feedback and updates (weekly or bi-weekly) on the search according to their preferred lines of communication.

The Partner will interview every single qualified candidate. This crucial step is not and will never be delegated to a junior consultant or associate. By treating prospective candidates with the respect and attention they deserve, we demonstrate our and your commitment to the search.

After typically interviewing between 8-12 candidates per role, the Partner will then present our client with the best 3-5 candidates.

Having established trust with candidates and clients through our commitment to providing a senior point of contact, we will manage the candidates through the interview process. The Partner will assist with the offer negotiation and complete all required background checks including references.

Your success is our success. By remaining in regular contact with both the client and the placed candidate the Partner will monitor the transition and placement with an eye to long-term success.