April 16, 2020

Real Estate Development Industry


One of Canada’s most successful Residential Developers, who had experienced immense growth since their humble start almost 50 years ago. They were known for their upscale quality and diversified development communities.


As the company grew in size and scale, the incumbent in the role didn’t demonstrate the leadership attributes which had become necessary for the company to maintain its success.  Since the company was well known, and the Real Estate Development industry is very close knit, we were asked to carry out a confidential search, so that there was no disruption in the work-flow.  This was a very senior level role, so there weren’t many people in the market who would fit this tight requirement.


Residential Development was the hottest sector in the Real Estate industry at the time, and many companies were actively increasing the size of their teams, while our search was going on; which created the challenge of several competitive offers to strong candidates.  The location was in the Greater GTA surrounding area, so location was another piece of the puzzle.

Our Process:

We identified and targeted candidates who had the industry experience, breadth of Residential product experience, and the right depth of leadership strength required for this role.  We also leveraged our network of commercial real estate contacts to source for relevant candidates.  Our search process covered more than 200 qualified candidates, sifting through each to find the best possible match for the company’s needs.


In addition to combing the GTA market, we also reached out to Candidates who had worked in the GTA in their past, to determine if they would consider moving back for this plumb role.  We leveraged the slowdown of the Western Canadian Development Market, and sought out candidates with the right experience, to determine if there was a fit.  The successful placement was identified in Alberta, looking for an opportunity to return to Ontario, coincidentally having family living in the same neighbourhood as the company’s Head Office.

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