January 6, 2020

How to Ace Recruiter Interactions

Working with a recruiter can be a vastly different experience depending on your approach to the process. Most recruiters work on behalf of the hiring company (e.g. the one paying the recruiter’s fee) but that doesn’t mean that candidates aren’t our priority. Presenting great candidates to our client is how we succeed. The following is what I’ve found to be the most ideal ways for candidates to stand out and make a positive impression with a recruiter:

Be Responsive to Any Outreach

Regardless of your current interest level or employment status, take the time to respond to recruiter messages. Whether it be on LinkedIn, email or telephone, it helps us know who we should continue to pursue in a search and who does not want to be considered. It also allows us to know what you are interested in so we can connect with you on any future relevant opportunities.

Treat the Recruiter Like the Company You Want to Work For

Recruiters are the gatekeepers for the company they are retained by, therefore you should be putting your best foot forward with them. Treat any interactions with the recruiter the same as you would If you were speaking directly to the company.  Be professional. Dress the part. If you are rude, don’t value our time or think you should be able to skip around us to the interview stage with the company, you will not be moving forward in the process.  We are hired to ensure both you and the company find a great fit.

Be Transparent About Your Situation

It serves everyone’s best interest to be honest and open about your situation. Be sure to share things such as being in transition or having other offers on the table. Leaving the recruiter in the dark or blindsiding them later is sure to cause problems. The more we know the more we can help you (e.g. letting the client know you are in demand for other roles).

It is a Process – Be Patient

Position profile and research strategy approval, initial research, screening, recruiter interviews, client interviews, executive deliberation and contract negotiations all occur before a final offer is put out to a candidate.  As recruiters we do our best to be respectful of your time and keep you in the loop with where you are in the process because we know we would want the same.

Lakeshore Human Capital Inc. (“LHCI”) has built a reputation among executive search providers for superior client service, comprehensive sector and functional knowledge, and senior partner involvement on every assignment.  With tenures at global and boutique firms, LHCI founder and managing partner Mandeep Grewal brings over 18 years of experience in the retained executive search industry. 

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