February 20, 2018

The Importance of Networking

As a recruiter, I meet a lot of people.  I meet with clients, potential clients, candidates and those looking for advice on their career.  Other than the last group, it is typically me who is reaching out to these different individuals asking for their time.  Many times, my call or email is ignored – not because they are rude, but because everyone is busy.  I’m also aware of the fact that I’m in an industry that has many recruiters and folks are inundated with requests to speak or meet.  What I have found over my career as a recruiter is that those who do make the time are the ones that are best positioned when looking for help from a recruiter.  My humble advice to those who don’t make the time to network are:

Don’t Only Network When You Need a Job

Losing your job is a traumatic and stressful time.  Even more stressful is not knowing what to do or where to look (or how to look).  I speak or meet with several executives “in transition” per week and the ones who have kept their network current are the ones who are the least stressed or frustrated during their job search.  They know how to tap into their personal network, their professional network and know which recruiters specialize in their particular industry or function.  They have a clear idea of how to tackle their job search and are not afraid to ask their network for help.

Share Your Network

Offer to help.  If you come across an executive looking to get into a certain company or industry where you are well connected, offer to make an introduction.  Even if you don’t personally benefit, it’s just good karma.

Return the Favour

Those executives who were always too busy to make time for others looking for a job, will find themselves in a similar position when it’s their turn.  You will notice that your calls and emails are disappearing into a black hole.  To make time for a call or a quick coffee meeting to offer advice and guidance is not a lot to ask as people do land and they do remember.   As a recruiter, many folks that I have met that were in transition have become excellent sources of other candidates, clients or friends.  Those who were in transition remember the stress involved and are more open to helping others.

Leverage Social Media

Even if you are an introvert, social media provides an excellent way to get your name out there.  Tools such as LinkedIn provide a means to reach a lot more people than your personal network would allow.  Hiring companies and recruiters will have easy access to your profile and area of interest.  It allows you to get out of the unknown very quickly.

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