September 22, 2018

In Recruiting, the Phone is Still Important!!!

I have been in the recruitment business for 18 years and technology has made our jobs a lot easier, if not more impersonal.  When I started in the business, I relied mainly on the telephone and did not have LinkedIn or other social media sites that I could utilize.  Today, a lot of information is available on the internet for companies and a quick LinkedIn search will spit out hundreds of potential candidates.  I no longer have to spend days calling into companies to determine who does what before making my targeted recruitment calls.  Although technology has made my job easier, I still find that picking up the phone and having a conversation with a candidate is the most effective way in sourcing for my search projects.  It is an “art” that we continue to follow at Lakeshore Human Capital and its something I instill in my staff for the following reasons:

Speed and Efficiency

I have found that calling a “source” or a candidate is still the quickest and most efficient way to pitch a new opportunity and solicit recommendations.  When you have someone on the phone, you can most effectively describe the culture of your client company, answer any questions that the other person on the line has and quickly determine if there is a “fit”.

Business Development

Speaking with someone over the phone gives the recruiter a very cost-effective way to “market” their firm and create a more lasting impression in the other person’s mind in the event they ever need to engage a recruitment firm for a search.  Many of my recruitment calls have resulted in new business for us.


When dealing with candidates that have invested their time in meeting with you and your client, calling them is just a more respectful way to “close the loop” and communicate to them on why they were not selected.  It also gives the recruiter the opportunity to provide more meaningful feedback than just sending an email.

Differentiate Yourself

Do what many others are not doing.  Don’t rely strictly on sending InMails, create a human connection.  If most everyone else is sending messages, those recruiters who still pick up the phone and make calls will be remembered.

Lakeshore Human Capital Inc. (“LHCI”) has built a reputation among executive search providers for superior client service, comprehensive sector and functional knowledge, and senior partner involvement on every assignment.  With tenures at global and boutique firms, LHCI founder and managing partner Mandeep Grewal brings over 17 years of experience in the retained executive search industry. 

As a member of HGM Search Partnership, Lakeshore Human Capital has the reach of the global search firms while still benefitting from the adaptability, agility, and personalized attention for which LHCI has become known. The partnership maximizes the many benefits of the boutique firm model for clients while allowing members the opportunity to leverage each others’ expertise.

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