December 19, 2017

Why Have I Remained in Search?

When I got into recruiting in 2000, I thought I would do it for a couple years and then get a real job. I went to school for business and always aspired to do something in finance. Although I don’t use much of what I learned from all the finance and accounting courses I took in school, the executive search profession has kept me interested and engaged for over 15 years. As cliché as it sounds, I enjoy meeting people and the variety my profession provides me. There are several reasons I have stayed in search.

To Meet Interesting People

Everyone has their story. I have been fortunate to meet senior folks from virtually all functional areas. I have interviewed and placed CEOs, CFOs, Heads of HR/IT/Marketing, etc. and have had the opportunity to learn more about them, their professional backgrounds, and what drives them. The vast number of the people I meet are at or near the top of their industry and even if I don’t place them, many of them have become professional contacts, clients or friends over time.

To Work on Difficult Projects

The truth is that if it’s an easy role to fill, my client wouldn’t need me. I have had searches last anywhere from several weeks to several months depending on how difficult the position is to fill. There comes a great deal of satisfaction from helping your client fill a position that a simple job posting would not have accomplished.

No Two Searches Are the Same

Through the different assignments I have worked on, I have had the opportunity to learn about new companies, new industries and meet new people. Even if the assignments are in a sector I have done a lot of work in, there are always some nuances that make the experience different. This satisfies my intellectual curiosity and give me the variety I desire.

To Make an Impact

As a recruiter, I have the opportunity to positively effect a person’s life. Many times, I’m placing individuals who are either in transition or are taking on a more senior role with greater compensation. This positively impacts their livelihood. Although I don’t “live” with the long-term hiring decisions that my clients make, over time I get to see how my placements have changed or grown the organizations they have joined.

Operating since December 2015, Lakeshore Human Capital Inc. (“LHCI”) has built a reputation among executive search providers for superior client service, comprehensive sector and functional knowledge, and senior partner involvement on every assignment. With tenures at global and boutique firms, LHCI founder and managing partner Mandeep Grewal brings over 17 years of experience in the retained executive search industry. 

Having entered a strategic partnership (the HGM Search Partnership) with two other Toronto-based organizations, Merrion Executive Search and Ross Executive Search. The partnership provides Lakeshore Human Capital with the reach of the major corporate search firms while still benefitting from the adaptability, agility, and personalized attention for which LHCI has become known. The partnership maximizes the many benefits of the boutique firm model for clients while allowing members the opportunity to leverage each others’ contacts and expertise.


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